• Mr. Álvaro de Salas Gimenez de Azcarate. Consul of Spain in Guayaquil. Educator invited to dictate topics related Globalization of Markets.
  • Pedro Arbulú, PhD. Expert in Family Business Management, educator invited from the University Montesquieu of Bordeaux.
  • Guillermo Aznarán Castillo, PhD. Doctor in Economy of the University of Paris VIII, expert in topics of economic research.
  • Claudia Brito, Ph.D.  expert in Equity of Genre in the Family. PhD in Management, University of Montesquieu Bordeaux, France.
  • Rodolfo Carrillo, PhD. Expert in Familiar Protocol. President, Founder and Consultant of the company “Consultancy of Family Business” in Costa Rica.
  • Sanjay Goel, Ph.D. expert in Strategic Management of Family Business. Professor associated from the University of Minnesota Duluth, specialized in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship.
  • Gerard Hirigoyen, PhD. expert in Family Business Management, educator invited from the University Montesquieu de Bordeaux.
  • Sterling Jiménez Romero, PhD. expert in Financial Risk, graduated at University Montesquieu- Bordeaux.
  • Rania Labaki, Ph.D. expert in Intergenerational Innovation of Family Business. Academic Director of Mastery in Business, specialization Global Family Business of the EDHEC Business School of France.
  • Víctor Pérez Suarez. PhD. expert in Econometric Models, graduated at the National University of San Marcos.
  • Iluminada Severino, Ph.D. expert in Organizational Development of Family Business. Member of the research team of the Institute of Research in Management of Organizations
    of the University of Bordeaux.
  • Ricardo Villamonte Blas, PhD. expert in Managerial and Economic Research. Doctor in Managerial and Economic Sciences.  Autonomous University of Madrid.
  • José Almuiñaz Rivero, PhD. Expert in scientific research, graduated at the University of Habana.
  • Judith Galarza López, PhD. Expert in scientific research, graduated at the University of Habana.


  • Dr. Marco Proaño Maya, law expert, Ex Candidate to the Presidency of the Republic in 2006, important lawyer of the country, defender of retired rights, author of several books.


  • Diego Aguirre González, MSc(c). Responsible of Technology careers, expert in Information Technology.
  • Gorki Aguirre Torres, MSc. Expert in Legislation and Management.
  • Maximiliano Alvarez Contreras, MSc. Expert in Consultancies and diplomacy.
  • Pedro Andrade Rodríguez, MSc. Expert in Administration of Projects and Teaching.
  • Andrea Bejarano Macías, MSc. Responsible of Admissions, expert in sales and administration.
  • Olga Bravo Acosta, Expert in planning and management of the regional development.
  • Jorge Coca Benitez, MSc. Responsible of Finance and Audit careers.
  • Mercedes Conforme Salazar, MSc. Expert in Administration and Teaching.
  • Ricardo Espinosa León, MSc. Expert in Publicity.
  • Sandra García Paredes, M.A expert in Communications and International Programs.
  • Magaly Granizo Coloma, MSc. Expert in Educational Planning and Teaching.
  • César Gutiérrez Alarcón, MSc. Expert in purchases, distribution and logistics.
  • Diana Lopéz Amendariz, MSc. Expert in applied IT security, programming and systems.
  • Mariela Ludeña Chang, MSc. Expert in human talent and analyst.
  • Xavier Mosquera Rodríguez, MSc. Expert in systems and teaching projects.
  • Luis Carlos Musso, MSc. Expert in Culture and Interculturalism.
  • Martha Paredes Cavero. Expert in commercial area.
  • Ronald Pérez Jaramillo, MSc. Expert in Management and Finance.
  • Antonio Poveda Guevara, PhD(c). responsible of Marketing and Organizational Psychology and Management. Expert in Marketing.
  • Marco Proaño Duran, PhD. expert in Political Sciences.
  • Tomas Rodríguez Caguana, PhD(c). expert in Philosophy, Social Research and Communication.
  • Leonardo San Andrés Samaniego, MSc. Expert in Marketing, purchases and teaching.
  • Marjorie San Andrés Samaniego, MSc. Expert in Managing of systems and indicators of management.
  • José Townsend Valencia, MSc. expert in Information Technology.
  • María José Vaca Rivas, MSc. Expert in Administration of Projects and Teaching.
  • Herman Zuñiga Muñoz, MSc(c). responsible of Languages Department. He dominates English and French.