• Where are we located?

    Urdesa Central Guayacanes #520 y Calle quinta Guayaquil – Ecuador

  • Do you accept debit cards?

    Only in the department of collector of the University.

  • What modalities of study do we possess?

    Face-to-face modality – Monday to Friday
    Blender modality – Only Saturdays

  • Is the University public or private?

    The UTEG is private.

  • Do I have to take the SENESCYT exam to enter to the university?

    No, it is possible to accede directly by fulfilling with the admission requirements of the University.

  • Which are the careers offered by the UTEG?

    Please check our academic offer in Grade

  • Can I pay and then deliver the documents?

    Yes, you can register by this means by paying with credit card, we accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN, DINERS y DISCOVERY.

  • Is it possible to differ the value of the Course of Admission and Leveling?

    Yes, with a credit card the deferred value is with interests up to 12 months.

  • What is it necessary to do to request the lending to the IECE – Pacific Bank?

    – Pay the tuition
    – Buy the official university form
    – Complete additional document required by the IECE.

  • For graduation, do I do thesis or seminar?

    A job is done titling, according to the career in which you are.

  • How many subjects can I take by semester?

    It is possible to take up to 6 subjects.

  • Can I get a job at the university?

    Yes. Through the employment exchange of the UTEG.

  • Can I study at any university abroad while I do the career?

    Yes, you can do it with the universities that UTEG has an agreement with. More information in International Relations.

  • Are there any family discounts?

    Brothers or Spouses 10 % of discount on the value of number of subjects chosen in the semester and both must be registered.

  • What benefits do I have if I graduated with International Baccalaureate?

    • The mathematical and technical subjects of communication of the course of admission and leveling will be validated.
    • There will be validated the macroeconomics and managerial organization subjects according to the curricula of the career that is chosen
    • The English level will be determined according to the qualifications obtained in the program of the International Baccalaureate.
  • Can I register by this means?

    Yes, through the next means:

    You can go Online Chat
    You can register in Online Grade

    And you can email us admisiones@uteg.edu.ec

  • Which are the schedules of study?

    It depends of the modality of study, it can be face-to-face or blended

    In face-to-face modality, you can choose two schedules:
    In the morning from 7h00 to 13h00
    In the evening from 18h20 to 22h20

    In blended Modality, they are the Saturdays with 3 class schedules from 7h15 to 17h30

  • Which is the schedule of attention of the UTEG to request information?

    You can approach from 9h00 to 21h00 and on Saturdays from 7h00 to 13h00, or communicate to coordinate an appointment to the post office of admissions.

  • How can I obtain information about the UTEG?

    You can go to grade link.

    You can go to online chat.

    And you can email us admisiones@uteg.edu.ec

  • Which are the requirements to enter to the University?

    • To fill the form of Pre-inscription online or in the department of Admissions.
    • To fill the Socio-Economic Information form.
    • 1 color photocopy of identity card.
    • 1 color photocopy of certificate of voting
    • Color photocopy of the Graduate’s Degree countersigned by the Ministry of Education.
    • 4 actual color photos card-size
  • Which are the requirements to enter to the UTEG by Standardization of other University?

    • Certificate of approved subjects
    • Academic contents of each one of the approved subjects
    • Photocopy of identity card
    • Photocopy of the Graduate’s Degree countersigned and notarized
    • Photocopy of certificate of voting
    • 3 color photos card-size
  • Which are the credits accepted by the UTEG and which credit cards do we accept?

    To give major facility to the student the university has different forms of payment, one of them is the direct credit with our institution in which the students pay a monthly quota for academic period.

    Also it is possible to register through this way paying with credit card, we accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN, DINERS y DISCOVERY.

    Additional the students have the possibility of realizing their payments by applying to the credit IECE.

  • How can I accede to a student credit?

    For more information, go to Financial Help

  • What other forms of financial help has the UTEG?

    The UTEG offers the differentiated pension, by fulfilling a form you can accede to a lower pension, delivering the needed information.