• Can I register by this means?

    Yes, through the next means:

    You can go Online Chat

    You can register in Online Grade and Online Postgraduate

    And you can email us admisiones@uteg.edu.ec for Grade and admisionesepu@uteg.edu.ec for postgraduate study.

  • What is the mission of the UTEG?

    We are a university of grade and postgraduate study compromised with the quality of the top education through the formation of competent professionals for a global environment, having as principal platform, in the educational process, the use of the technologies of the information and communications, creating and sharing new knowledge through the scientific investigation that generates development for Guayaquil and the country.

  • Where can I find information about the events of the UTEG?

    https://www.uteg.edu.ec/eventos or downloading the APPUTEG from PlayStore or Apple Store.

  • How can I get a job at the UTEG?

    If you want to be a teacher, check the requirements of the Regulation of Scale, which you can find at the web page of the Council of Top Education; those are the ones we use (resume and documents of support). If you want to be part of the administrative staff, you must apply with your resume and scanned documents to the e-mail  jefetalentohumano@uteg.edu.ec

  • How can I make a donation to the UTEG?

    To be able to make a donation to the UTEG, you can e-mail us to the following address: directorejecutivo@uteg.edu.ec. Place your information and the quantity that you want to donate.

  • How can I do an agreement with the UTEG?

  • Which is the support that you give to the students who want to do exchange with a university of the foreigner?

    Visit the International Cooperation Section: https://www.uteg.edu.ec/cooperacion-internacional

  • Which are the lines of research of the UTEG?

    Line 1. Education, Society and Educational Technologies

    Line 2. Business Management, Social Responsibility and Competitiveness of the Ecuadorian company

    Line 3. Management of Destinations, products and tourist organizations

    Line 4. Management of the System of International Trade

    Line 5. Research, Management of the Knowledge, Technologies of the computer science and the Communications

    Line 6. Economic Systems, International Economy, Globalization, Development.

    For more information, check this link: https://www.uteg.edu.ec/investigaciones