Mission of the Department

Promote the diffusion and transfer of knowledge through the efficient management of innovation processes for the sustainable development of vulnerable groups of society through programs and projects of linkage that respond to the economic and social needs of the population.

Vission of the Department

To have a significant impact on the sustainable development of the communities benefited by the linkage projects and in the training of the UTEG students, contributing from the results of research and professional training, to the structuring of a culture that promotes the management of innovation and scientific knowledge for the generation of well-being.

Objectives of the Department

  • Support the technological and business development of the country, promoting entrepreneurship and the generation of added value as a means for the inclusion and good living of priority and historically excluded social groups.
  • Promote the dissemination and application of research results that contribute to the resolution of the problems of the productive sector.
  • Lead planning, implementation and evaluation of the impact of programs and projects linked to the needs of local communities, local, regional and national development plans, lines of research and academic offer of UTEG.
  • Promote, from the Department of Linkage with society, the development of research activities and linkage by students and teachers of the different modalities, careers and programs of the UTEG.
  • Evaluate, in an objective, systematic and permanent way, the quality and impact achieved by the various components of the relationship with society.
  • Progressively increase the scope and impact of projects and programs linked to the UTEG community.