• If I have technologist's degree, can I do a mastery?

    Only if it is registered at the SENESCYT as a 3rd level title.

  • Can the title of this mastery register in the SENESCYT?

    Yes, after the graduation.

  • Can I validate subjects of other mastery?

    Yes, if the contents are related.

  • The career of 3rd level must be related with the mastery?


  • Is it necessary to do entrance exam for the mastery?

    No, you can take the preparation course.

  • What does it involve the sufficiency exam of foreign language, Evaluation?

    An examination of location will be realized to know your English level

  • If I studied English in an academy, University, institute, do I have to take that test?

    No, if you got any of the certifications A1, A2, B1, B2.

  • Does foreign language refer only to English?

    No, it can be any second language that you dominate.

  • How many levels must I do for the certification of the language English?

    This will depend on the location exam.

  • Which are the requirements of admission for the mastery?

    • Degree of 3rd level, registered at the SENESCYT.
    • Sufficiency of foreign language (determined by an evaluation).
    • Interview with the admissions committee.
    • Professional experience.
  • Can I register by this means?

    Yes, through the next means:

    You can go Online Chat

    You can register in Online Postgraduate

    And you can email us admisionesepu@uteg.edu.ec

  • How can I obtain information about the masteries of the UTEG?

  • What benefits do the ex-students of the UTEG get if they want to study the mastery at the UTEG?

    They get 5% discount.

  • How long does it last the mastery program?

    Approximately 2 years.

  • Which are the masteries that the UTEG offers?

    • Mastery in Management of Tourist Companies
    • Mastery in Systems of the Managerial Information
  • Is it possible to apply to a IECE credit for the masteries?

    Which are the credits accepted by the UTEG and which credit cards do we accept?

    To give major facility to the student the university has different forms of payment, one of them is the direct credit with our institution in which the students pay a monthly quota for academic period.

    Additionally, the students have the possibility of realizing their payments with credit card of their preference or apply to the IECE credit.

  • Which are the periods of inscription of the masteries?

    For more information