Scholarship Opportunities for Masters and Doctorates in Germany

Dr. Ana Marcos Nickol, Representative of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in Ecuador, gave an informative talk on the scholarship opportunities for Masters and PhDs in Germany to the academic community of the UTEG, on February 8.

The meeting focused on different topics that helped the attendees to have a better knowledge about what is the DAAD and its objectives in Ecuador, the requirements for studies in Germany. It also highlighted the importance and benefits of studying in the European country, the existing Scholarship Programs and how to obtain information about them.

Prior to this talk, the pertinent meetings were held between the directors of our Institution on Institutional Cooperation Programs.

For more information, the DAAD office in Ecuador has the following channels of communication with its public:

Phone (02) 2991700 ext. 1073 and email:  daad.ecu@gmail.com.
You can download the information here.