Student Counseling

It is a program of the Universidad Tecnológica Empresarial de Guayaquil, developed by the Department of Psychology with the support of the Direction of University Welfare, with the aim of achieving a personal approach between students and teachers, in a non-academic space that facilitates closeness and evidencing the teacher’s interest for the student’s humanity, their problems and interests, reducing student dropout, thus improving the quality and effectiveness of academic practices at the UTEG.

The well-being of the students is the main objective and the main reason of the counseling, therefore, its purposes form an integral vision of the development of the student in the university, under a humanist philosophy of listening, respect, understanding, confidentiality, help and commitment; Focused on the improvement of the general conditions that will favor the academic performance of our students.

The Department of Psychology is responsible for informing, assisting, advising and following up academic, economic and administrative difficulties, among others, that students can report during their training. They also intervene in all kinds of prevention, emotional, family and social support through personalized counseling and workshops, taking into account their academic impact.

For more information, you can contact the University Welfare Department or write to us at consejeriaestudiantil@uteg.edu.ec and bienestaruniversitario@uteg.edu.ec.